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Church Candles

31 Days of Light

Share your light and help brighten the dark days of December! Adopt a day and share something inspiring - a poem, a photo, a link to an essay, or even just an uplifting thought. We will share the submissions each day in December via the website and our WhatsApp group and summarise them each week in the newsletter.


We also ask you to think about your year-end giving and make a donation to the work of our community to include as part of your contribution. (This is by no means a condition - all submissions will be accepted, space providing!).


Thank you to all who participate - let's fill December with Light!!!

*Please note: all non-original pieces should be referenced by the author's or artist's name and any other identifying information, such as the title and date of publication.

01 Rev Claire
02 Pat Lamanna

03 Edie Campbell
04 Adrienne Wilson
05 Lynne Markey
06 Ann Howell
07 Sara Jane Bailes
08 Sally Rogers
09 Tatiana Spencer
10 Simone Riddle

11 Melda Grantham
12 Rev John Carter
13 Elizabeth Bergeron
14 Ageing Well
15 Liz Slade
16 Becca Daley
17 Sheila Puffer
18 Flora Curzon
19 Ann Peart
20 Paula Nottingham

21 Lizzie Kingston
22 Tam Fowles
23 Mark Cooper
24 Rev Jim Corrigal
25 Congregational Christmas Message
26 Roberta Wedge
27 Aleks Zglinska
28 Edinburgh Unitarians
29 Vicky Lewis
30 Donna, Lauren, and Ben
31 Management Committee

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