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Sunday Services at 11:00 AM- Online or in person 

Join New Unity in Hackney (Newington Green- online or in person) with Ann Howell

Sunday, 26th May, 11:00 am

Lewisham Unity will be closed this weekend, however one of our own will be leading worship at New Unity. Ann Howell, our beloved chair of the congregation, is the Unitarian Social Action officer (nationwide!). Her worship service will explore social justice and social action ongoing throughout the UK. These actions are taken by Unitarians and allies in spirit. You can attend online or in person. The zoom is below, replacing our normal zoom link and you can find out more about New unity

Coming up:

02nd June: Café Connect (Soul Deep): Our Need for Connection with Rev. Julio Torres

09th June: Music Service with Joel

16th June: Celtic Wheel of the Year: Summer Solstice with Rev. Lindsay Stevens 

23rd June: Café Connect (Soul Deep): The Big Questions Part 1 with Rev. Julio Torres

30th June: Café Connect (Soul Deep): The Big Questions Part 2 with Rev. Julio Torres

A Note: Rev. Julio Torres' next 8 sessions (from 17 May 2024 and onwards) will be leading conversations based on Soul Deep: Exploring Spirituality Together by Revs. Michael Allured and Kate Dean. There's no need to buy the book, just a heads up, in case you wanted to see the resources. 


Universal Dances of Peace

Universal Dances of Peace at the Lewisham Unity Meeting House:

From 3pm to 5:30pm with Joel​​

  • June 22

  • July 20

Excerpt from Ithaca Dances of Universal peace
" The Dances of Universal Peace are simple dances set to the music we create with our own voices inspired by all of the world’s religious traditions. By singing and praying in the spirit of the many spiritual traditions of the world we can help bring healing to the cultural divisions that have been for centuries driving our world to war in the name of “religion.” The Dances of Universal Peace are a spiritual practice that brings us in touch with our sacred selves in an environment that allows us to honor the sacredness in each other. When we dance face to face, we are not just dancing with the person in front of us, but also with the divine spirit that is manifested through that person."

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