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We are an independent Unitarian congregation with ultimate authority over its own direction and leadership. The congregation’s members elect a Committee and 'calls' its Minister. The congregation is made up of members, attenders, and friends, who join us on Sundays either in person or via Zoom. Our wider community is made up first of all of the people who attend, participate, who lead gatherings and workshops, who play music, run workshops and projects, cook and garden.


We also host and rent to other groups and projects who share our values and ethics. More widely than that we play our part in local community projects, organisations, festivals and events.

From a financial standpoint, we run the Meeting House, including the minister's salary, solely on income generated from room rentals, member subscriptions, donations, and grants.

Management Committee and Teams

Our Management Committee is elected at our Annual General Meeting in the spring. The Committee is responsible for the day to day running of the meeting house and is supported by several teams, including: Worship & Programming, Communications, Premises, and Social Action.

If you would like more information about the Committee or our Teams (especially if you would like to join in!), please email us.


Becoming a member of Lewisham Unity implies a commitment from you to our community and from our community to you. Anyone who feels a strong connection to the work and the people of the congregation may apply for membership.  


Officially, members have a stake in how we run and what happens at the meeting house. We also believe in supporting our members through small bursaries that help people to grow and develop their own spiritual and social activism, and through offering space to members for their own projects.


Everyone who makes a pledge (we encourage monthly subscriptions, but there is no set amount and we never want to put a financial barrier on membership) and is in sympathy with our ethos can apply to become a member. 

Enquire today about becoming a member!

We will have an away day on 17 March 2024, our service that Sunday will be online. 

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