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Celebration of the Earth in Summer 
Sunday 10th July 11:00
Led online by Rev Lindsay Joyanne Stevens

Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

A message from our Chair, Paula Nottingham
After a beautiful shared farewell to Rev Claire in last Sunday and we enter a new phase at Lewisham Unity, our Committee is coming together in July and August to plan and support our services and Café Connect, ongoing social projects, fundraising and our fantastic creative groups. If you have ideas or suggestions for events or activities for the autumn, do send your thoughts to me by email here or in our community WhatsApp group. 

As Ann Howell (our Chair 2019-April 2022) will be remaining in Lewisham for the autumn, I have asked that she consider rejoining as Co-chair, which will be confirmed at the upcoming Lewisham Unity Committee meeting.


A message from Rev Claire

I have a little piece of paper on my desk that says "Letting go is a process. Unitarianism is a space of connection. Healing is an act of communion." That practice of little notes is one you may also have in your life, those small thoughts that emerge from the conversation with yourself that hums under the rhythm of everyday life. For the past five years, the rhythm of my life has been connected to Lewisham Unity and as I leave (a process) I know that in this case, Unitarianism is a space of connection, and I know that healing is an act of communion – healing ourselves, showing up to our fears, vulnerabilities, privileges and prejudices is also part of being present to love and possibility and being open to one another. As I leave, I feel a sense of awe at Lewisham Unity – you, we, have been prepared to show up, to connect, to welcome, to embrace and to simply keep going. I am going to stay connected to the garden, and I will be back in early October to take part in the service on the first Sunday and then on several Sundays until April. I feel deeply honoured to have served this community and I want to thank everyone for supporting me and for the beautiful gift of engraved glass that you gave me. Lewisham Unity is indeed a place where sacred meets social.

Claire shares with us the inspiring address from her service last Sunday for those who missed the service or would like to revisit her words. You can view it here.

This week's service

Sunday 10th July "Celebration of the Earth in Summer" led online by Rev Lindsay Joyanne Stevens. We welcome our good friend and Interfaith minister who will hold "a reflective, spacious service using poetry, silence and music/song and candle lighting  to offer a sense of peace and joy in celebration of our Summer beauty in nature." You can see the Order of Service here.

Our Zoom link for this and every online Sunday is here.
Meeting ID: 980 9121 4785
Passcode: 193061


Music is important to us at Lewisham Unity, and every week on our Facebook page, we feature a piece of music from the forthcoming service and hear why the worship leader chose it. This week in her service - "Celebration of the Earth in  Summer" - Rev Lindsay Joyanne Stevens shares the Cat Stevens version of the well-loved traditional hymn "Morning Has Broken". She says "'I hesitated to share such a well known piece but I couldn't resist the pull.  One of my favourite hymns as a young child and has continued to be so ever since. I really feel something visceral and beautiful when I hear Cat Stevens singing it, his love and devotion to the natural world really seems to emanate from his voice and his presence. He was my first heartthrob as a teenage girl and the beauty of his music has continued to touch my heart" You can browse our musical archive here for music that serves many moods and all seasons. 

Next week's service

Sunday 17th July 11:00 led by Rev Julio Torres. In his monthly service for July, Julio will share "tips on Transitions, both in personal life and in ministry. What does the Unitarian Universalist Association recommend when a minister leaves? How can we apply that to our personal lives?"

Poetry Circle and Creative Lights: Lewisham Unity's monthly evening Zoom gatherings

Tuesday 19th July 19:00-20:30: Creative Lights sharing whatever is lighting you up at the moment: poetry, music, your knitting project, an inspiring piece of creative social action. For more information and the link for the evening contact Tatiana. As with Poetry Circle, please invite your family and friends if you think they would enjoy this event.

Our Poetry Circle and Creative Lights gathering will both take a break over August and return in September

Tuesday 6th September 19:00-20:00: Poetry Circle - our theme for September will be "Death and Dying". For more information and the link for the evening contact Lynne, who will be hosting. Please invite your family and friends if you think they would enjoy this event.

Tuesday 20th September 19:00-20:30: Creative Lights (info as above for July)

Unitarian News, Lewisham inspiration and Beyond

This week, we provide you with links to find out what Unitarian and local events might be of interest:

For Unitarian events look here 

For what's on in Lewishisham including opportunities to volunteer and London Borough of Culture events look here or here

Lewisham Unity Needs You!

Lewisham Unity relies on donations to keep going - from Sunday gatherings to supporting each other and our wider community. If you appreciate our work, please consider making a one-off or a regular donation here.

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